Shibas in the Ring week ending Nov 16 2008

Shibas went wild in the groups this weekend!

Sandusky KC 11/14/2008 Judge: Mr. James
E. Frederiksen

Group II

Ch. San Jo Wild Wild West

(photo from 2008 National Weekend)

Tucson KC 11/14/2008 Judge: Mrs. Jacqueline L. Stacy

Group IV

Ch. Hayato Go Hauoli

(photo from 2008 National Weekend)

Northeastern Maryland KC 11/14/2008 Judge: Shirley Uphouse

Group IV

Ch. Frerose Good Will Hunter

(photo from 2008 National Weekend)

Council Bluffs KC 11/15/08 Judge: Terri Lyddon AND Council Bluffs KC 11/16/08 Judge Joe Tacker   

Group II and Group IV

Ch. Justa Massimiliano

(photo from 2008 National Weekend)

Whidbey Island KC 11/15 Judge: Noreen S. Cartwright

Group III

Taichung O’So Handsome

4 Responses to “Shibas in the Ring week ending Nov 16 2008”

  1. Bill Fletcher Says:

    Very nice pictures of Massi, thank you, this is very well done. This past weekend however he went Group 2 on Saturday and Group 4 on Sunday. Take care

  2. lynbir1 Says:

    Thanks for the correction, AKC shows them both as Group IIs

  3. Laura Says:

    This is the first time I knew of this site ( sorry, just had no idea)
    Love the pictures of the dogs, thank you for adding my boy O’so, it was a amazing win for out here in the very tough NW show ring.


  4. lynbir1 Says:

    No problemo! I just started this blog last week sometime I think, so I’m not surprised you hadn’t heard of it. Congrats on a great win and from the classes yet!